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  • make le portal 2 shrine...
  • make whole NEW css for shrines!
  • make sitemap
  • Add playlist/song of the week to homepage
  • ^^beef up homepage!
  • site art
  • blinkies, stamps and more collection ♥

    animal jam stamp sparkly trans flag jerma spinning portal button portal button

    I love my camera! masc terms only cow blinkee

    valve steam button

    shark swimming fast

    want to talk to me?

    discord: lizard#2676
    escargot/msn: jest3r@escargot.chat
    [matrix]: @lizard985:matrix.org

    Hey all!

    under construction updated 3/8/2022

    This is my neocities homepage! Pretty cool huh?

    I'm known as Lizard on the internet and I created this site in december of 2022. I've picked up HTML and CSS subsequentially as a hobby since then, and I work on this site every now and then. My hobbies include playing the drums, sitebuilding, drawing, and others.

    Current interests of mine include: Portal 2, Bullet Train (2022), Super Mario Galaxy, Terraria, Neocities, Will Wood, learning the Japanese Language

    This site is a huge Work in Progress and I am always working or thinking about it!